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Pro Etico Srl is an innovative startup. We are an engineering company active in 4.0 technologies, mechanical and system design, in R&D at a European and national level, in the development of training portals and interactive, immersive content for training, production, and maintenance.

Pro Etico Srl is an engineering startup from the University of Naples “Federico II.” Active in various industrial fields such as: – Technologies 4.0, – Mechanical and system design, – R&D at European and national levels – Development of training portals and interactive, immersive training content.

The company’s chain of command comprises professionals from various fields of engineering and the economy. After many years of activity, Pro Etico was born as a University start-up in which the differences in experience and professionalism were brought together at the service of innovation and research.

Pro Etico enjoys an organization articulated in the various areas of competence involving professional profiles of the highest level. Its team covers expertise in different sectors of engineering and automation. The team comprises professionals directly involved in the sector of expertise and a technical advisory board made up of university professors with different institutional profiles.

Services and Skills

  • Industrial Design
  • Design
  • Training
  • IT Support
  • Research and development
  • Industry 4.0.
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160 Robinson Road SBF Center Unit #24-09, 068914, Singapore