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CSI Engineering s.r.l. is a company that has been active for years in the mechanical design sector and the construction of equipment, machines, and complete plants. Its expert, flexible, and highly specialized technical staff can effectively answer the most demanding needs by providing a vast range of high-profile services.

The company offers a proven ability to support its customers at every stage of the process, providing qualified technical advice on critical issues, problems, and particular industrial and production needs, solving problems in the construction field.


This ability is further enhanced by a solid habit of collaborating and integrating with the technical-design offices of the clients, with any other design studios, and with other builders or suppliers, making available to the Client, from time to time, only the resources and the skills that are really useful for the realization of the project.

The concrete experience of CSI Engineering s.r.l has been strengthened and extended over the years, successfully tackling and solving complex problems on plants, production and packaging lines, automation, automatic machines, and special equipment. Strengthened by an experience as vast as it is solid and heterogeneous, CSI Engineering s.r.l is today able to face and solve, with seriousness and competence, even the most complex design requirements.


In addition to designing, CSI Engineering s.r.l can build equipment, machines, and complete testing and documentation systems.

This approach relieves the customer from the usual management difficulties and allows customers and their technical offices to concentrate all their resources on requests and specific production strategies.

The staff of no. 16 people divided between mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and industrial experts allows us to deliver the design or the requested processes quickly.

CSI Engineering s.r.l operates with variable hourly costs divided into three categories: design, development of details, and machining.

Details of the services offered are attached.

Engineering services

  • Mechanical and Electrical Design.
  • 2D/3D CAD drawing.
  • Automatic assembly lines
  • Analysis and development of processing methods
  • Management of assemblies and/or exploded views for manuals and/or bills of materials.
  • Three-dimensional simulation with CAD systems
  • Kinematics
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Finite element analysisFEM
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160 Robinson Road SBF Center Unit #24-09, 068914, Singapore